Are you always losing your reading and or driving glasses?

How nice would it be to have just one pair of glasses for all your visual needs? One pair for reading and the same one for driving and seeing distances. Adlens glasses have an adjustable dial that turns to three different settings for near intermediate and far distances within a -6.0 to + 3.0 Diopter Range It’s the way of the future!. Great for both near sighted and far sighted individuals this unique pair of glasses will help make sure you are never without crisp and clear vision.

“These glasses are a perfect strength for me. So impressive! Yet my eyes have very different vision. And I didn’t even need to adjust these glasses when they arrived! They are better than my prescription glasses and my online ones! I now own two pairs… one to keep at my computer and one to always have with me in my purse.”

Developed by top optical scientists, the amazing adjustable vision glasses? eyeglasses have adjustable lenses to give you clear vision. Each lens is independently adjustable, making it easy for you to see – near or far. Simply focus on some wording near or far, and turn the dial on each lens until you can see it clearly. The lenses are impact and scratch-resistant, and the frames are flexible with adjustable nose pads for a comfortable fit. Protective case included. Plastic, one size fits most.

These glasses have flexible frames and that won’t break easily, plus they have adjustable nose bridges for that comfortable fit.

Continuously adjustable
Corrects 90% of spherical errors
Adjustable for near or far sighted
Great back up pair for the car, nightstand, travel or anywhere you go
Light weight and durable.

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