Customize your own eyes

“These glasses are a perfect strength for me. So impressive! Yet my eyes have very different vision. And I didn’t even need to adjust these glasses when they arrived! They are better than my prescription glasses and my online ones! I now own two pairs… one to keep at my computer and one to always have with me in my purse.”

New prescription glasses are expensive and can take forever to be ready. With Dialvision Software, you can have perfectly customized eyeglasses in a matter of minutes, and all at an affordable price! Getting your vision back has never been easier. Simply use our included eye chart, adjust the left and right eye using the inconspicuous control knob and you’ll be able to see crystal clear again.

Your regular glasses can get lost, break or your prescription can change over time, resulting in an expensive trips to the optometrist! Dial Vision are the world’s first glasses you adjust to give you perfect clear vision. You can move the dial to adjust the lenses until your prescription is matched perfectly. You can even adjust them to become reading glasses!These glasses have flexible frames and that won’t break easily, plus they have adjustable nose bridges for that comfortable fit.

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