Dial Vision Adjustable degree general purpose glasses

Dial vision can adjust the degree of general-purpose glasses to innovative double-layer lens design, adjustable degrees, regardless of myopia/hyperopia are applicable. The two sides of the glasses are provided with rotating twist, which can control the focal length between lenses and adjust the degree of glasses. Coupled with ABS + acrylic plastic manufacturing, lightweight and portable, can be used Dial Vision Official glasses for emergency use, suitable for myopia about 450 degrees or hyperopia up to about 200 degrees of use!

Aladdin Intimate Hint:
1. This product is general-purpose glasses, glasses degree is not 100% accurate, please note
2. This product proposal only makes the daily spare eyeglasses, does not recommend the long time use
3. This product shall not be used as a tool for corrective vision or as a substitute for traditional spectacles; if there is a problem with vision, it is recommended that further inquiries or examinations be made to the optometrists or eyeglasses.
4. This product is not suitable for people with astigmatism
5. This product does not include glasses box, please note

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