Dial Vision to correct your vision

Your regular glasses can get lost, break or your prescription can change over time, resulting in a expensive trips to the optometrist! Dial Vision are the world’s first glasses you adjust to give you perfect clear vision. You can move the dial to adjust the lenses until your prescription is matched perfectly. You can even adjust them to become reading glasses! These glasses have flexible frames and that won’t break easily, plus they have adjustable nose bridges for that comfortable fit.

Adjustable focus eyeglasses are eyeglasses with an adjustable focal length. They compensate for refractive errors by providing variable focusing, allowing users to adjust them for desired distance or prescription, or both,where To buy dial vision glasses.

Current bifocals and progressive lenses are static, in that the user has to change their eye position to look through the portion of the lens with the focal power corresponding to the distance of the object. This usually means looking through the top of the lens for distant objects and down through the bottom of the lens for near objects. Adjustable focus eyeglasses have one focal length, but it is variable without having to change where one is looking.

Unlike with bifocals, near-vision correction is achieved over the entire field of view, in any direction. Distance vision corrections are made by re-adjusting the lens for distance, instead of by tilting and/or rotating the head to view object through the best part of the lens for the distance. Adjustable focus lenses, like single-focus lenses, also reduce image-jump and spatial distortion in the field of view associated with traditional multi-focal lenses. Additionally, the ideal near-vision correction can be achieved with precision, because the variable lenses emulate the focusing action of the youthful eye.

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