Focus on the adjustment of your eyes

Adjustable unisex eyeglasses focus for far- or near-sightedness with the turn of a dial! Corrects 90% of spherical errors–adjusts to almost any prescription!Use them to replace broken glasses or lost contacts; keep them as a spare pair on the nightstand or when traveling. Lightweight and durable; includes protective case.

Dial vision official is the world’s first customizable eyeglasses used for leaving glasses without a medicine. New glasses are costly and can take everlastingly to be prepared. With dial glasses, you can have flawlessly tweaked eyeglasses in a matter of minutes, and all at a reasonable cost! It is for both short sightedness and long sightedness and it is suitable for all the people having glasses number between -6 to -3. It has a dial in it by which you can adjust dial vision according to your eyesight.

Worlds first eye glasses for distance with-out a description, turn the dial to adjust for distance or reading instantly, impact resistant lenses, flexible frames, great for men woman and comes with a free case. yes its is bit low in quality, but its a revolution in the optical industry, it will take some time to get a great quality of the same product, i request all our customers, to give some time to the product to adjust we cannot decide about this product in a day or 2, at-least give a month time to adjust the item and get it habitual to this product.

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