Looking at the world at close range

In order to see the close target, through the contraction of the intraocular muscle-ciliary, the curvature of the intraocular lens increases, thus enhancing the refractive force of the eye, making the Close-up object form a clear image on the retina, the function of the refractive force which changes the eye to see the near object is called the regulating function of the eye.

The eye produces the adjustment at the same time causes the binocular inward, this phenomenon is called the collection, the collection is completes by the extraocular muscle. The larger the regulation, the greater the set, the adjustment and the set is a linkage process, the two maintain a synergistic relationship.

Commonly used dial Vision Glasses. 00D reverse beat and vision card matching check. Under normal circumstances, in 1 minutes, 8tians 12 children’s eyes should be able to see not less than 5 laps, monocular less than 7 laps. The eyes of 13 are not less than 8 laps, with no more than 11 laps. $number adult eyes should not be less than 9 laps. In the case of relaxation, the distance that the eye can see clearly the target without adjusting is called the far point, while the maximum use of the adjustment to see the nearest target is called the near point. The flexibility of the section refers to the ability of the eye to relax and adjust.

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