The way to break the traditional eyes

Did you know that less than half of the human race has 20/20 vision? It’s estimated that 3.6% are farsighted, 33% are nearsighted, and about 36% have some form of astigmatism. That means the majority of the human race would benefit from some type of vision correction whether it’s glasses/contacts or surgery. The problem for many is cost; vision exams aren’t really cheap and add to that the cost of eyeglasses and/or contacts and the price can skyrocket. I won’t even touch on the cost of corrective eye surgery.

millions of people wear prescription dial vision adjustable glasses. but what if they break, get lost, or your prescription changes? You’ll have to make an appointment for an exam, and wait for a new pair, which can cost you $$$. dial vision are the world’s first eyeglasses you adjust to give you crystal clear vision. How does it work? Using the included eye chart, begin by adjusting your left eye by turning the dial until the chart comes into focus. Next, adjust your right eye. In two easy steps, your prescription is matched. You have instant replacement glasses, ready to use.

For those on a fixed budget, seeing clearly may seem like a pipe dream but there are options. I was recently given the opportunity to try out a pair of dial vision glasses and they seem like a great option in lieu of eye exams and expensive vision biggest issue is being nearsighted, but on occasion, I’ve noticed my eyes straining to read close up. These glasses are good for both reading and watching Tv without having to switch glasses. with just a little adjustment I can quickly change settings to see whatever I am looking at with amazing clarity.

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