What are Dial Vision Glasses?

Where To Buy Dial Vision Glasses?Now, while I truly love these glasses, there are a few downsides. The first, and most noticeable, is that these are in no way fashionable. I would love them so much more if they had designs other than the only option: thick black top frame.Another notable downside is the fact that the part of the lens that improves your vision is surrounded by clear plastic. I’ve noticed if I turn my head a certain way and look upwards things get blurry. This makes me think the glasses are best suited for use while you’re sitting still either reading or watching television.
Are you always losing your reading and or driving glasses? How nice would it be to have just one pair of glasses for all your visual needs? One pair for reading and the same one for driving and seeing distances. Adlens glasses have an adjustable dial that turns to three different settings for near intermediate and far distances within a -6.0 to + 3.0 Diopter Range It’s the way of the future!. Great for both near sighted and far sighted individuals this unique pair of glasses will help make sure you are never without crisp and clear vision.
Those who are realistic about the function of Dial Vision will find the product useful. It isn’t meant to be a replacement for high quality prescription glasses, but would work well in temporarily replace lost or damaged glasses. Dial Vision is a pair of adjustable glasses that can match any prescription.

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